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Hier möchtem wir Ihnen einige Arbeitsbeispiele von Kundenprojekten vorstellen. Bei jedem Projekt werden arbeitsbegleitende Fotos zur Dokumentation von uns festgehalten. So kann dem Auftraggeber jederzeit Einblick in den Auftragsstand gegeben werden.
Je nach zeitlicher Verfügbarkeit werden wir diese hier nach und nach einstellen, um Ihnen einen kleinen Einblick in unsere Arbeit zu geben.

Make one great gesture after another.

And because Magic Mouse is wireless, it can venture beyond the confines of your desk. A quick flick of the on/off switch helps conserve battery power while Magic Mouse is tucked in your bag. Even when it's on, Magic Mouse manages power efficiently, by detecting periods of inactivity automatically.

Laser-Tracking Engine

Multi-Touch technology on the iPhone and iPod touch introduced a breakthrough way to interact with your content. Magic Mouse, with its Multi-Touch surface, does the same thing for your Mac. When you use gestures, it's as if you're touching what's on your screen. For instance, swiping through web pages in Safari gives you the feeling of flicking through pages in a magazine. And scrolling with Magic Mouse isn't your everyday scrolling. It supports momentum scrolling (similar to iPhone and iPod touch), where the scrolling speed is dictated by how fast or slowly you perform the gesture